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For the chemical compound also known as PAPP, see 4'-Aminopropiophenone.

Papp is a Hungarian surname. It can refer to:

  • Daniel S. Papp, President of Kennesaw State University
  • Gustáv Papp (1919–1997), Slovak operatic tenor
  • Josef Papp (c. 1933 – 1989), Hungarian-American engineer accused of creating a hoax
  • Joseph Papp (1921–1991), American theatrical producer and director
  • Joseph M. Papp, American cyclist convicted of doping
  • Krisztina Papp (born 1982), Hungarian long distance runner
  • László Papp (1926–2003), Hungarian boxer and three-time Olympic champion
  • László Papp (1905–1989), Hungarian wrestler and 1928 Olympic silver medalist
  • Paul Papp (born 1989), Romanian footballer
  • Robert J. Papp, Jr., Commandant of the United States Coast Guard and admiral

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