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Rajesh Ranjan (1961/1962), better known as Pappu Yadav, is an Indian politician from Rashtriya Janata Dal.[1][2] He won elections to the Lok Sabha (the lower house of the Parliament of India) in 1991, 1996, 1999, and in 2004 from several constituencies in Bihar as an Independent / SP / LJP / RJD candidate. In February 2008, he was convicted in the murder of Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI-M) legislator Ajit Sarkar and sentenced to life imprisonment. Subsequently he was debarred from the 2009 general election.Mr. Yadav’s is believed to be affiliated to the Congress. Pappu Yadav defeated Sharad Yadav in 2014 general elections.[3] His wife Ranjeet Ranjan, a former MP, is a Congress leader.[4]


Pappu Yadav was born some time in 1961 or 1962 to a farming family in Khurda Karveli, Madhepura district. He is considered as a local robinhood amongst his village men as he helped them in getting cured by doctor for free of cost even he settled the electricity problem in his constituency after winning first assembly election.

Initially a small-time criminal, he moved up the crime ladder along with his role in politics. By the late 1990s, he was a well-established mafia don, muscling his way around Bihar and across India.

He was elected to the Bihar Legislative Assembly from Singheshwarsthan, Madhepura in 1990 as an independent candidate, and in 1991 he contested and won through to the 10th Lok Sabha from Purnia. He was at various times a member of RJD, the Samajwadi Party and the Lok Janshakti Party.

Purulia Arms Drop case[edit]

Pappu Yadav was acquitted in legislator Ajit Sarkar's murder case in May 2013.He was also accused for facilitating Kim Davy's(prime accuse in Purulia Arms Drop case) safe exit from India.[5]

Ajit Sarkar murder case[edit]

Ajit Sarkar was a CPI-M member of the Bihar Legislative Assembly from Purnia and Katihar who was active in farmer politics. He had a long history of animosity with Yadav. On 14 June 1998, he was gunned down at Subhash Nagar in Purnia, along with his driver and a party worker. In 1999, Yadav was arrested for the murder. The investigation was transferred from the Bihar police to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), who charged him and four others with conspiracy to murder.

Yadav was jailed in Sikkim, but he used his political connections to turn Beur jail into his "fiefdom". There was considerable media attention on Yadav's conduct in Tihar jail, with the Indian Supreme Court investigating the alleged violation of prison rules. Yadav was accused by the CBI of making about 640 calls from his mobile phone, many of them to prominent people. In January 2005, the Supreme Court of India ordered that phone jammers be installed in the jails to prevent inmates from using mobile phones.

Yadav was also accused of re-entering Beur Jail after he was released on official bail, and holding a party for the inmates of the jail. The main warden was suspended when the news of the event came to light. Eventually, in 2004, Yadav was transferred to Tihar Jail in Delhi.


In February 2008, a special CBI court convicted Yadav in the Sarkar murder case, along with former legislator Rajan Tiwari and criminal Anil Yadav. The court sentenced the three convicts to life imprisonment.


On 17 May 2013. Pappu Yadav was acquitted by the Patna high court in CPM leader Ajit Sarkar murder case for want of evidence.The court also directed the authorities to release Yadav from jail forthwith if he was not wanted in any other case.[6]

2009 elections[edit]

On 2 April 2009, the Patna High Court rejected Yadav's plea to be allowed to contest the 2009 Indian parliamentary elections because he had been convicted for murder. On 11 April, RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav expelled Pappu Yadav from the party. His mother Shanti Priya, who was a candidate from Purnia, also lost to Uday Singh of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

2010 elections[edit]

During 2010 Bihar Vidhan Sabha elections Pappu Yadav along with Anil Yadav and Rampravesh Rai were expelled from the RJD for alleged anti-party activity. They were charged with working against the party's official nominee for Fatua assembly constituency, Ramanand Yadav.

Autobiography and cash for votes scandal[edit]

In his autobiography Drohkaal ka Pathik, released in November 2013, Pappu Yadav has alleged that three MPs of his Indian Federal Democratic Party got money from the then finance minister Yashwant Sinha, to join the NDA in 2001. He has also claimed that during the July 2008 trust vote, both the Congress and BJP had offered "Rs 400 million each" to MPs for their support.[7]


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