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Pseudonym Pappy's Fun Club (2004-2009)
Medium Television, theatre, radio
Nationality British
Years active 2004–present
Genres Sketch comedy
Members Ben Clark
Matthew Crosby
Tom Parry
Former members Brendan Dodds

Pappy's is a British three-man comedy act, composed of comedians Ben Clark, Matthew Crosby and Tom Parry.[1] The sketch troupe perform regularly at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, on the London comedy circuit, and at comedy clubs nationwide. They regularly produce two podcasts[2][3] and had a BBC Three sitcom commissioned in 2012.[1]


Pappy's started out as a four-man comedy collective called "Pappy's Fun Club", consisting of Ben Clark, Matthew Crosby, Brendan Dodds, and Tom Parry.[4] The group met at the University of Kent and started out performing in Canterbury and Wolverhampton.[5] They later moved to London and in 2004, began performing regular shows in The Old Coffee House, in Soho, London. Pappy's Fun Club made their self-titled debut appearance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2006, as part of the Free Fringe.[6] In February 2007, the group was nominated for Best Newcomer at the Chortle Awards.[7]

In August 2007, the team returned to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with their second show, which received critical acclaim. It was performed at Just The Tonic, located in C Soco urban garden, Cowgate. Several top comedy critics praised it, with Dominic Maxwell describing the show as “extraordinarily fresh”[8] and Bruce Dessau praising their “instinctive rapport” and “the general air of merriment”.[9] However, not all reviews were positive, with Brian Logan's review of a performance in Brighton stating that “little distinguishes these four youngsters from countless other all-male sketch troupes”.[10] The show was nominated for the 2007 if.comedy award (formerly the Perrier Comedy Award, now the Edinburgh Comedy Awards).[11] They later won the 2008 Chortle Award for best sketch, variety or character act.[12]

In March 2008, the team performed their 2007 show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.[13] Later that year, they returned to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with a new show, Funergy, performed at the Pleasance Cabaret Bar.[14]

In 2009, the group returned to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for a fourth consecutive year with a show called Pappy’s Fun Club’s World Record Attempt: 200 Sketches in an Hour. This show was performed in Pleasance One.[15]

In late 2009, Pappy's Fun Club announced that they were parting with one of their founding members, Brendan Dodds, and moving forward as a trio called Pappy's. The split was not entirely reciprocal, with Brendan writing on Twitter that he was asked to leave as “a business decision”[16] and Matthew stating in an interview that “the relationship we had with Brendan ran its course”.[17]

In early 2010, Pappy's became the first British act to perform at the SF Sketchfest.[18] In August, they returned to the Fringe with a new show, All Business. Like the previous year, this show was performed in Pleasance One.[19] The following year, the troupe took a year off from the Fringe - however, Matthew returned with a solo show called AdventureParty.[20]

In 2012, Pappy's returned to the Fringe with a new show, Last Show Ever. This show received critical acclaim, receiving five-star reviews from The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Scotsman, The List, Chortle, and many others.[21] The show received a nomination for the 2012 Edinburgh Comedy Award.[22][23][24] Pappy's toured Last Show Ever around the UK in October and November, and in April 2013 performed it in a three week run at the Soho Theatre.[25]


Pappy's produce two podcasts: Pappy's Flatshare Slamdown is a live panel show set in their shared flat, with Matthew Crosby as the landlord and host,[2] and Pappy's Bangers and Mash is a part-scripted, part-improvised podcast with sketches and conversation.[3] In 2011, Bangers and Mash was iTunes Top New Comedy Podcast, and in 2012 Flatshare Slamdown won the Loaded LAFTA award for Funniest Podcast.[26]

Television and Radio[edit]

On 15 November 2007, Pappy's Fun Club appeared on the BBC Three comedy programme, Comedy Shuffle.[27]

Pappy's (and Pappy's Fun Club) have made several pilots including a self-titled radio pilot for BBC Radio 4,[28] broadcast on 12 May 2008, a self-titled Comedy Lab for Channel 4 television, broadcast on 28 August 2008,[29] and a second Comedy Lab called Mr and Mrs Hotty Hott Hot Show, broadcast on 30 October 2011.[30] None of these pilots were commissioned for further development.


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