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Papyrus Logo
Developer(s) Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique, Atos
Written in Java[1]
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Linux
Available in English
Type UML tool
License EPL[2]

Papyrus is an Open Source UML 2 tool based on Eclipse and licensed under the EPL. It can either be used as a standalone tool or as an Eclipse plugin. Papyrus provides support for Domain Specific Languages and SysML.


Papyrus is a graphical editing tool for UML2 as defined by OMG. Papyrus provides support for UML profiles. Every part of Papyrus may be customized: model explorer, diagram editors, property editors, etc.


Papyrus also provides a complete support to SysML in order to enable model-based system engineering. It includes an implementation of the SysML static profile and the specific graphical editors required for SysML.


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