Papyrus 99

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New Testament manuscripts
Papyrus 99
Name P. Chester Beatty 1499
Sign \mathfrak{P}99
Text A glossary(?) - single words and phrases from some Pauline epistle.
Date ca. 400
Script Greek-Latin
Now at Chester Beatty Library
Size 16.8 by 13.6

Papyrus 99 (Gregory-Aland), designated by \mathfrak{P}99, is an early copy of the New Testament in Greek-Latin . It is a papyrus manuscript of the Pauline epistles. Four leaves have survived.[1][2]


This papyrus is part of the Chester Beatty collection. It is usually considered as a glossary with single words and phrases from:

  • Rom 1:1;
  • 2 Cor 1:3-6, 1:6-17, 1:20-24, 2:1-9, 2:9-5:13, 5:13-6:3, 6:3-8:13, 8:14-22, 9:2-11:8, 11:9-23, 11:26-13:11;
  • Gal 1:4-11, 1:18-6:15, 1:14-2:4, 2:4-3:19, 3:19-4:9;
  • Eph 1:4-2:21, 1:22(?), 3:8-6:24

The text is written in 1 column per page, 27-30 lines per page.

It also contains a Latin lexicon and Greek grammar.[3]

Elliot calls this papyrus '... a haphazard collection of unconnected verses from the Pauline letters [that] could have been a school exercise ...'[4]

The manuscript is housed at the Chester Beatty Library (P. Chester B. Ac. 1499, fol 11–14) in Dublin.[1][2]

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Further reading[edit]

  • Wouters (1988), Alfons, The Chester Beatty Codex AC 1499, a Graeco-Latin lexicon on the Pauline Epistles, and a Greek grammar, Peeters, ISBN 978-90-6831-124-2

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