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Para may refer to:


  • Para (Bengali), a Bengali word meaning neighbourhood or locality
  • Para Loga, one among the seven Logas (seven upper worlds) in Ayyavazhi mythology
  • Para-quaternions, expression from algebra in mathematics
  • Paramedic is a first response ambulance crew member
  • Military parachutist or paratrooper
  • Para, an arene substitution pattern in which two substituents occupy positions on an aromatic ring separated by two unsubstituted carbon atoms
  • Parapraxis or Freudian slip (Fehlleistung), is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that is believed to be caused by the unconscious mind
  • Juz', a division of the Quran
  • Para- a prefix widely used in various compound words (para-olympic, para-medic, para-gliding, etc.) which can signify alternately: "alongside, altered, beyond, contrary", originating from the Greek preposition para that means "beside, next to, near, from", and also "against, contrary to", similar with Sanskrit para "beyond"; Latin pro "before, for, in favor of", per- "through" [clarification needed]; and Gothic faur "along".[1]
  • Para language



Companies and organizations[edit]


  • Para-balloon, a tool for games or a series of games around this tool
  • Para Handy, the anglicized Gaelic nickname of the fictional character Peter Macfarlane, a character created by the journalist and writer Neil Munro
  • Para Para, a popular Japanese solo dance
  • Para Toda Vida (2001), a 2002 album by The New Amsterdams
  • Paramore an American rock band





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