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Parabureau is a Zagreb-based branding and design company founded by Marko Baus and Igor Stanisljevic, both graduates from Design Studies of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture. Parabureau has contributed works to many design exhibitions and competitions. Print Magazine published their work in the showcase of the best of European design in the European Design Annual 2005. Their project "OPV - Personal Water Cleaner" is one of the Top nominees in INDEX:2005 award and appeared in Business Week Magazine.[1] Novum design magazine published an article with their works in 2006.[2] Their work has also been presented in the book Worldwide Identity by Robert L. Peters and Icograda (Rockport, 2005).[3] Additional recognized work includes three winning logos in Eulda - The European Logo Design Annual 2006 and three winning logos in the same event the following year (2007).[4] Parabureau won the Best of Nation Wolda 08 award and IDA 08, International Design Award. In 2010 Parabureau won the Rebrand 100 Global Award for rebranding the city of Pula. In 2011. C+C Print Award and IDA 2010. International Design Award - Gold.

Some of the Parabureau’s clients are Croatian Ministry of Culture, Atlantic Group, Ministry of Work and Social Care, 51st Pula Film Festival, Croatian Post, Raiffeisen Bank, Zepter, BBC Croatia and Croatian pavilion at Venezian Biennale.[citation needed]


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