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Map of the world. A tan band stretches from northern Africa through central China; most of Australia and parts of South Africa and the western Americas are also tan. Dark greens dominate the northern hemisphere. Lighter greens cover much land near the equator. Polar areas are white, the north fringed with light blue.
Taluk Gudiyatham
District Vellore
Postal code 632603
ISD code +91 4171
Coordinates 13°04′N 78°58′30 E
Altitued 367mt
Languages Tamil Telugu Urdu
Railway Katpadi junction 30 km
Airport Chennai Airport 175 km
Bank Indian Bank(IFSC-Code:IDIB000P070)
college G.E.T B.Ed college
Temples Eshwaran Temple & Gangai amman temple & Veera Vijaya Anjaneya swamy temple

PARADARAMI is a village located in Gudiyattam taluk Vellore district, Tamil Nadu, India. It is located approximately 1 km from the border with Andhra Pradesh is a small village and it has about 50 villages surrounded it. It lies in between Gudiyattam to Chittoor State High Way. It is 18 KM from Gudiyattam and 22 KM from Chittoor. This small village has all the basic needs with government hospitals, schools,ATM's, BSNL broadband, medical clinic and weekly markets. This village is famous for it Gangamma yearly carnival in the month of june for almost 3 days festival and weekly market on every thursday.

Tamil is the language spoken by majority of people in paradarami. Telugu and urdu are the other languages spoken in paradarami.

Places of Interest[edit]

Sri Veera Vijaya Anjaneya Swami Temple in D.P Palayam

Dakshina Patha Palem also known as D.P Palayam is one of the nearest villages to visit. Sri Veera Vijaya Anjaneya Swami temple is located in this village. Every month during the full moon day special poojas, aaradhans are performed to lord Hanuman, thousands of people in and around Chittoor, Gudiyattam and Vellore visit this temple. One can reach D.P Palayam from chittoor or Gudiyattam or from Vellore. From Vellore TNSTC operates couple of Town Services Service No 16F and also couple of private services are available to reach D.P Palayam.

From Chittoor APSRTC operates direct bus D.K Cheruvu this travels via Paradarami and D.P Palayam. People can also reach Paradarami and then can reach D.P Palayam by any Share Autos or TNSTC buses or any private bus.

Coordinates: 13°05′N 78°59′E / 13.083°N 78.983°E / 13.083; 78.983