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Paragon Space Development Corporation is an American company headquartered in Tucson, Arizona.[1] It was founded by Jane Poynter, Taber MacCallum,[2] Grant Anderson, David Bearden, Max Nelson and Alicia (Cesa) Pedersen. They have supplied hardware to more than 70 spaceflight missions, including ones to the International Space Station and Mir.[2] Products include a dish for cell/organ culture,[3] a sealed ecological system incorporating aquatic plants and other organisms,[4] and a facility for testing Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSS) equipment.[5] Some of their products also aim at non-space extreme environments, such as first responders and diving suits.[1] In 2010, as part of NASA's CCDev 1 program, Paragon was awarded $1.4 million to help develop their "plug-and-play" ECLSS.[6]

On February 27, 2013 Paragon announced its partnership with the Inspiration Mars Foundation to study a unique orbit opportunity for a crew to travel to Mars.[7] and back to Earth in only 501 days.[8]

On March 12, 2013, Paragon was contracted by Mars One to develop concepts for life support and spacesuits, with the goal of a manned colony on Mars.

In June, 2014, Paragon announced that its offshoot company, World view enterprises, successfully completed a scaled systems test of the proposed nominal tourist flight profile to nearspace. World View uses a high-altitude balloon to rise to 32 km (20 miles) above the earth, after which it returns gently back down to earth beneath a remotely guided parafoil. Although not reaching space, the curvature of the Earth and the blackness of space can be seen. Commercial flights are expected to cost $75,000.[9]

On November 3, 2014, Paragon announced that Grant Anderson was named President and CEO and Ron Sable was named Chairman of the Board while Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum have fully transitioned to World View Enterprises, Inc.[10]

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