Paraguayan People's Army insurgency

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EPP insurgency
Paraguay-CIA WFB Map.png
Map of Paraguay
Date 2005 – present
Location Paraguay
Result Conflict ongoing
Paraguay Government of Paraguay Paraguayan People's Army
Casualties and losses
36+[3]~50 killed

Paraguayan People’s Army insurgency, also named EPP rebellion, is an ongoing small-scale nationalist camapaign in Northern Paraguay. The insurgency began in 2005, after several members of the Partido Patria Libre formed the Paraguayan People’s Army. Since 2005 until December 2013, the EPP has resulted in killing of at least 33 civilians and police officers.[1] Several insurgents were killed as well. Three more were killed in April 2014.[2]


The Partido Patria Libre, an EPP's precursor, emerged in Paraguay’s urban areas in 2001 with the kidnapping of María Edith Bordón de Debernardi. Her husband, businessman Antonio Debernardi, paid US$1 million for her release. In 2004, the group kidnapped Cecilia Cubas, the daughter of the former president of Paraguay Raúl Cubas. They received a ransom of US$300,000 but killed her anyway.

After the PPL was taken apart by security forces in 2005, several members decided to form a new group with which to continue the armed struggle.[4]



  • April 2011 - A police officer and three ranch workers are killed by EPP.[5]
  • May 2011 - Jesús Ortiz, an EPP logistics co-ordinator is captured.[5]


  • June 2013 - a rancher is killed by EPP.[6]
  • August 2013 - 5 people killed.[7]
  • 15 August - Paraguay's new President announces an assault on the EPP, sending 400 troops to the north of the country.[8]
  • November 2013 - 5 people killed in EPP attack.[9]
  • December 2013 - EPP guerrillas kill a soldier in Paraguay.[10]


  • April 2014 - 2 EPP guerillas and a soldier are killed.[2]

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