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Parallax Logo
Starring Joshua Marshall-Clark
Gillian Alexy
Caroline Brazier
David Richardson
Country of origin Australia, United Kingdom
No. of episodes 26
Running time 30 minutes (With ads)
Original channel ABC
Nine Network
Original run 5 August 2004 (2004-08-05) – 10 September 2004 (2004-09-10)

Parallax is a 2004 Australian and British children's television series that screened on the ABC and the Nine Network. It was a 26 part series funded by the Film Finance Corporation Australia and supported by Lotterywest.

Parallax is about a boy named Ben, who discovers a portal to multiple universes, and explores them with his friends: Francis, Melinda, Una, Due, Tiffany and Mundi as well as newfound sister, Katherine.

The series is filmed in various locations around Perth, Western Australia. These include Kings Park, East Perth, and many beach and South West forest locations.[1]


Main cast[edit]

Other cast[edit]

Significant objects and locations[edit]

A kind of baton that most Guardians possess. It has various functions including communication over different worlds to other Stave holders, a radio, manipulation of electronic devices and most importantly, the ability to shoot lasers which kill Welkin and Krellicks.
Golden Stave
Only comes into being when a normal stave is taken to the Reading Room. Able to control the "Wheel of Knowledge". Can also manipulate certain times and events to an extent.
Ultra Stave
A stave with 1 more button than a normal stave, enabling it to control Welkins and Krellicks
Smooth, white spheres. There is one orb for every world whether it be hidden or in possession of the resident Guardian. When not in its original world a person with full Guardian blood touches the orb whatever happened in the world before the removal of the orb will play like a movie on its surface. When the orb is in its original world the person will be transported to the Reading Room thus the orb being its 'keys'. The orbs also act as a defence to the Welkin and Krellicks hiding the blood of a Guardian.
Reading Room
The central repository of all knowledge of the Parallax. It keeps records of all the bad and good times of the stories and creatures in the Parallax. Although it is not a control room. The weather can't be changed and an election can't be fixed. Also the central hub of all world transportation.
The Purple Water
The key to Betti's blandishment. Betti pours it into the water supply of a world. It reacts within a person who does not fit into the 17.65% average of that world in the Parallax effectively turning them into water vapour. For example if in Hippie World there is a businessman and he drank the purple water he would be blandished.
Francis Cam
The form of communication through the Parallax. This is started by Techno World Una and Hippie World Francis. It is a link between four worlds, Techno, Forest, Ben's and Hippie World. The Francises in each world each have a camera with the exception of Techno World which is patrolled by Una. The Francis Cam is used to report Betti sightings, Spy Boy etc.
The Purple eyes
Betti and Spy Boy's alternate eye colour. Their eyes turn purple when they're not telling the truth or if they're getting angry. Its true purpose is not yet known.


Main worlds[edit]

Ben's World
The Red world, in which the series starts. Would be considered as the "normal" world. Links to Katherine's World through an old drain and Techno World through a chicken shed. When pushing different points on the parallax at the old drain you can also travel to Forest and Desert World. There is also a portal in Mr. Dawes shed, it links to Garden World, when the right combination is used(1-1-11).
Katherine's World
The Blue world, where Ben finds a sister he never knew existed, as well as his biological father. A very formal and organised world with many strict laws. Links to Ben's World via two large rocks and Hippie World by going in between two bookcases at a library. When pushing points on the parallax at the two rocks you can travel to Forest World. There is also a portal on the nearby beach. It leads to the tent owned by Betti in Desert World.
Francis' Hippie World
The Yellow world and the Werrinup Thief's home world. This is a very 'mellow' world filled with Hippies, literally. The only known portal here is through an old van out the front of this world's Francis' home, which links to Katherine's World, and Forest World via the right combination.
Una's Techno World
The Silver world, first thought to be a hi-tech rubbish tip. Everyone lives well and the world is very advanced in technology. The town's motto is "Tomorrow's technology, at yesterday's prices." The portal to get to Ben's World is located at the hi-tech rubbish tip. The other portal is located at an abandoned office building and becomes accessible when a password is typed onto a computer, links to Garden World.
Mundi's Forest World
The Green world, Ben accidentally stumbles upon this world when he trips onto the Parallax symbol. A world that takes care of its environment, its Werrinup is built on towers above the forest floor to minimise human impact on the eco system. This world is infested by Krellicks and its people are protected through the height of their structures. The tree portal links to Ben's World, Katherine's World, or Techno World, though only when the right combination is hit on the symbol. The rock portal is located outside of Mrs Dawes house on the forest floor. It is currently though guarded by the Krellicks and used as a nest. Links to Bush World.

Other worlds[edit]

Desert World
The orange world, Ben's mother sends him to this world as a test him. It becomes a lifeless place of sand and stone. One portal is located over a rock mound and goes to Ben's world via the right combination on the Parallax(7-1). The other portal is at the corner of a tent owned by Betti. It links to Katherine's World. It is also revealed in the final episode that Desert World is also Otto's original homeland, before it was destroyed by Betti.
Garden World
The purple world, Betti shows Katherine this world as an example of her goal in the Parallax. This world is in its own way perfect, the people who did not fit in have been effectively blandished. One portal is located through a do not enter door, and links to Techno World. The other is at a forked tree and leads to Ben's World.
Bush World
The brown world, this is the world in which Otto, the lost guardian has escaped to. Only one portal is known. It is in the middle of a river and links to Forest World. The other portal was meant to be down the river.
Swamp World
Only seen briefly when Ben accidentally stumbles into this place via the Reading Room. No portals through this world are known. It may even be the Hippie world.

Side doors[edit]

There are portals known as Side Doors which are like normal portals but once you go through it you cannot go through it the way you came out. Ben and Katherine noticed other portal lights when Ben pressed a button on the stave in the Reading Room. They then asked Mrs Dawes if she knew about Side Doors but she sent them to her brother, Mr Dawes. He told them about Side Doors and the condition if you use one. There is only one known Side Door which is Mr Dawes shed and it links to a seat in Garden World.

Episode list[edit]

1. One Big Happy Family

2. A Rare Find

3. The Artful Dodger

4. Achey, Breaky Heart

5. Lost In Paradise

6. One Man's Rubbish

7. Artes Veritas

8. The Battle Of Mundi's World

9. The Big Sleep-Over

10. The Martin Crimes

11. The World According To Betti

12. The Curse Of The Incredibly Bad News

13. Decoy

14. Too Many Chiefs

15. Ex-Ben

16. Dad Meets Dad

17. The Krellick War

18. The Reluctant Guardian

19. Seek And You Shall Find

20. Sand Witch

21. My Favourite Martin

22. Cheats Never Prosper

23. Martinmania

24. The Reading Room

25. Clownin' Around

26. It Ain't Over

DVD release[edit]

The DVD, Parallax: The Portal Opens, was released in 2004. It contains a condensed 'movie' version, taking clips from the first 8 episodes.[2]


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