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Parametric may refer to:


  • Parametric equation, a representation of a curve through equations, as functions of a variable called parameter
  • Parametric statistics, a branch of statistics that assumes that the data has come from a type of probability distribution
  • Parametric derivative, a derivative in calculus an independent and a dependent variables depend on an independent third variable
  • Parametric model, a family of distributions that can be described using a finite number of parameters
  • Parametric oscillator, a harmonic oscillator whose parameters oscillate in time
  • Parametric surface, a particular type of surface in the Euclidean space R3
  • Parametric family, a family of objects whose definitions depend on a set of parameters


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Other uses[edit]

  • Parametric determinism, a Marxist interpretation of the course of history
  • Parametric equalizer, a multi-band variable equalizer which allow users to control amplitude, center frequency and bandwidth
  • Parametric array, a nonlinear transduction mechanism that generates narrow, nearly side lobe-free beams of low frequency sound

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