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Not to be confused with Parashara, a rishi in ancient India.

Parashar is a Brahmin gotra. The Surname(also spelled as-Prashar,Parasar,Prasar,Parasara,Prasher,Parasher) traces its origins back to Vedic India(3000 BCE) and today used by high caste Hindu Brahmins who claim ancestry from the famous ancient hindu vedic scholar-Rishi Parashara. Parashara was a Rigvedic Maharishi(the great sage) and author of many ancient Indian texts. Parashara (or Parashar) was the grandson of Vasistha, the son of Śakti Maharṣi, and the father of Vyasa. Maharishi Parashar was also Great Grand Father of both warring parties of Mahabharat i.e. Kauravas and Pandavas.

People who use surname Parashar can also use surname Vashishth and Vyas. Vashisth-Parashar-Vyas is one of the Greatest Lineage of Brahmins and hence they are considered highest among Brahmins. Vasistha , Sakti , Parasara , Vyasa , Suka were Vedic seers who were part of Advaita Guru Parampara i.e. they were the seers who saw Vedas.

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