Pardon My Backfire

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Pardon My Backfire
Stooges pardon my backfire.jpg
Directed by Jules White
Produced by Jules White
Written by Felix Adler
Jack White
Starring Moe Howard
Larry Fine
Shemp Howard
Benny Rubin
Frank Sully
Phil Arnold
Fred Kelsey
Barbara Bartay
Diana Darrin
Angela Stevens
Ruth Godfrey
Cinematography Henry Freulich
Edited by Edwin H. Bryant
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release dates
  • August 15, 1953 (1953-08-15)
Running time
15' 52"
Country United States
Language English

Pardon My Backfire is the 149th short subject starring American slapstick comedy team the Three Stooges. The trio made a total of 190 shorts for Columbia Pictures between 1934 and 1959.


The Stooges are auto mechanics who need money in order to marry their sweethearts. The short starts with the Stooges marveling over a decorated cake in the childhood home of their sweethearts. The ladies have prepared a meal, and they are about to eat when Shemp attempts to sneak a bite of the cake. Moe punishes him for it and then the group tries to have dinner.

Moe, Larry, and Shemp battle over a leg of lamb. In the middle of devouring it, their future angry father-in-law arrives home. He gives them an ultimatum. Either they marry his daughters by the end of the week (after a very long delay), or they marry the plumbers down the street. The Stooges vow to earn the necessary funds for the wedding.

While working in their auto garage, Moe has trouble finding the hole in a tire. Larry accidentally triggers the horn for a very old car and can't shut it off. The Stooges battle the car horn until Moe gets angry and smashes it with a hammer. During the chaos, a news flash announces a large reward for a gang of escaped convicts and for all garages to be on the look out.

Just then, the criminals (whom the Stooges don't recognize) pull their car in with a damaged fender and no gas. While the trio are working on the vehicle, the news flash is repeated over the radio. They put the pieces together and realize that the baddies are right in their garage. The boys use their creativity and capture the crooks, collect the reward, and marry their sweethearts.

Production notes[edit]

Pardon My Backfire was the second and last short made by Columbia with the Stooges in 3D, the previous being Spooks! (released June 15). Pardon My Backfire premiered on August 15, 1953 with the 3D Columbia western The Stranger Wore a Gun.[1]

This was also the last Stooge short featuring longtime supporting actor Fred Kelsey.[1]


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