Gorum language

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Native to India
Region Orissa, Andhra Pradesh
Ethnicity 12,600 in Orissa (2001 census)[1]
Native speakers
possibly extinct  (1997)[2]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 pcj
Glottolog pare1266[3]

Gorum, or Parengi, is a minor Munda language of India. Speakers are shifting to Oriya.


The name Gorum most likely comes from an animal/people prefix go- and root -rum meaning 'people', and is possibly related to the ethnonym Remo (Anderson 2008:381).

Parengi, or Parenga, is of obscure origin.


Gorum speakers are located in the following areas of eastern India (Anderson 2008:381).

Gutob is spoken to the north of Gorum, and Gta to the west of Gorum.


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