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The Parihar (also spelled Parhar and Pratihara) are a Rajput clan of India. They are an Agnivanshi clan.[1][2]

The stone plate of Rana Kakkuk of Dhatiyala also verify that Parihara are descendants of Lakshmana.

रहुतिलओं‍ पडिहारों आसी सिरि लक्खणोत्रि रामस्य

तेण पड़िहार वन्सो समुणई एत्थ सम्पत्तो

The copper-plate grants of Pratihar Rajput bear an emblem of the Sun and on their seals too, this symbol is depicted.[3] Also, the Pratihar Rajput title of honor is Mihir which means Sun.[4]

A 1966 book published by the Directorate of Public Relations of Rajasthan mentions that the rulers of this dynasty came to be known as the Pratiharas, because they guarded the north-western borders of the Indian subcontinent against foreign invasions.[citation needed]


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