Parir te Karogh Es

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Parir te Karogh Es
Logo - Parir te Karogh Es.jpg
Format Interactive Talent show
Presented by Grikor Aghakhanyan
Country of origin Armenia Armenia
No. of seasons 3
Running time 1-2 hours
Original channel Shant TV
Original airing 2011

Parir te Karogh Es (Պարիր թե կարող ես in original Armenian orthography, and translated as So You Think You Can Dance) is an Armenian televised dance competition based on the format of the international So You Think You Can Dance television franchise. Broadcast by Armenian television network Shant TV and hosted by Grikor Aghakhanyan, it began airing in 2011 and has broadcast two seasons since, with a third currently in production [1] One of the show's winners, Paul Karmiriyan placed top 6 on the tenth season of So You Think You Can Dance (U.S.).

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