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Paris Match is also a French weekly magazine.
paris match
Origin Japan
Genres Shibuya-kei, jazz, soul
Years active 1998 - present
Labels JVC Entertainment (2000-2007), Amuse Soft Entertainment (2008-present)
Website Official website
Members Mari Mizuno
Yosuke Sugiyama
Tai Furusawa

paris match (パリス・マッチ Parisu Matchi?) is a Japanese musical group formed in 1998 by composer/arranger Yosuke Sugiyama and lyricist Tai Furusawa with vocalist Mari Mizuno. They debuted in 2000 with the album volume one. The group's name is a homage to the British musical group The Style Council, whose album Café Bleu features a song titled "The Paris Match".[1]

paris match's music is a fusion of diverse musical genres including bossa nova, jazz, acid-jazz, soul, blue-eyed soul, AOR, and house.




  • "Happy-go-round" (November 22, 2000)
  • "Desert Moon" (April 4, 2001)
  • "Kiss" (July 18, 2001)
  • "Deep Inside" (November 21, 2001)
  • "Saturday" (June 5, 2002)
  • "Summer Breeze" (July 23, 2003)
  • "Taiyō no kiss" (太陽の接吻) (November 5, 2003)
  • "Koi no kizashi" (恋の兆し) (March 24, 2005)
  • "Voice" (November 23, 2005)


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