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This article is about civil administration. For the ecclesiastical parish, see Parish. For other uses, see Parish (disambiguation).

A parish is an administrative division used by several countries. In parts of the British Isles it is known as a civil parish to distinguish it from the ecclesiastical parish.

Country or territory Local name
Andorra Parròquia
Antigua and Barbuda Parish
Australia Parish
Barbados Parish
Bermuda Parish
Canada: New Brunswick Parish
Canada: Quebec Parish municipality
Cape Verde Freguesia
Dominica Parish
Ecuador Parroquia
Estonia Vald
Grenada Parish
Guernsey Parish
Ireland Civil parish
Jamaica Parish
Jersey Parish
Latvia Pagasts
Macau Freguesia / 堂區
Isle of Man Parish
Montserrat Parish
Portugal Freguesia / Paróquia Civil
Saint Kitts and Nevis Parish
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Parish
Spain (Asturias, Galicia) Parroquia, Collación
United Kingdom: England Civil parish
United Kingdom: Northern Ireland Civil parish
United Kingdom: Scotland Civil parish
United Kingdom: Wales Community
United States: Louisiana Parish
United States: South Carolina (formerly) Parish


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