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Park House was a Victorian property in the village of Blaby, Leicestershire, up until the mid-1930s. The property still has the original extension from the late 19th century and stands hidden by the build-up of the village around it.


Park House was built in the 19th century by the Earl of Blaby. He lived there with his eight children; after the property became too small he ordered for Blaby Hall to be constructed. Then in 1891 Thomas Glover (1824–1906), a builder, lived here with his family and three 'boarders', school pupils aged 9, 11 and 12. A part of the house was used as a school by his two daughters, Ada (1856–1914) (as music teacher) and Martha (1860–1932). Ada lived in the house until her death in 1914. Most people remember the house as the premises of the Empire Shoe Company. They occupied it in 1936 until it was sold for demolition.


The last standing part of the house is empty as of this time. There are negotiations currently undergoing with Blaby Council to turn the property into a day care centre under the name Park House Day Care Ltd. Although it is rumoured the council want it to become flats.

Polly Clarke[edit]

A day pupil, Miss Polly Clarke, is recorded as being late 31 times in her first term in 1892 as seen in her school records which are available from Wigston Record Office. Polly has never been recorded to have a birth certificate, death certificate or burial records. Miss Clarke is reported to have been punished for her lateness by being locked in the coal cellar. Unfortunately on the day of her death she was trapped down there when the coal delivery came. There have been tales of the ghost of a little Victorian girl seen sitting at a desk. She has also been seen over the years residing in Park House Court, Blaby. This block of flats and houses was built over the site of the original front of the Victorian house, of which she has been seen in the end house.

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  • Reminiscences and Pictures of Old Blaby available from Twins News, or directly from Shirley.

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