Park Ji-won

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This article is about Bak Jiwon (born 1737). For Park Jie-won (born 1942), see Park Jie-won.
This is a Korean name; the family name is Bak.
Park Ji-won
Portrait of Pak Jiwon
Born (1737-03-05)5 March 1737
Hanseong, Joseon
Died 10 December 1805(1805-12-10) (aged 68)
Hanseong, Joseon
Nationality Joseon
Other names Yeonam
Notable work(s) Collection of the Rock of swallow,
Jehol Journal
Religion Neo-Confucianism
Era 18th-century philosophy
Region Korean Confucianism
School Silhak

Pak Jiwon (Hangul: 박지원; hanja: 朴趾源; 1737-1805), styled Yeonam (Hangul: 연암; hanja: 燕巖, 'Rock of swallow'), was a philosopher and novelist in the late Joseon Dynasty. He has been regarded as one of the greatest thinkers of the so-called "Practical Learning (silhak)" movement. Pak Jiwon belonged to the "School of Profitable Usage and Benefiting the People" (Hangul: 이용후생파; hanja: 利用厚生派; RR: Iyong Husaeng-pa) to promote the industrialization of his country and the development of trade by positively introducing western technologies to Joseon Korea. Pak Jiwon proposed that Joseon import advanced technologies from the Qing Dynasty, and promote Mercantilism.[1]

The scholars Pak Je-ga, Yu Deuk-gong and Yi Deok-mu were influenced by Park Jiwon.


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