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Park Royal Partnership (PRP)[1] is an urban regeneration partnership, promoting the economic development of Park Royal, London, Europe’s largest industrial area.


Map of the Park Royal area in north-west London

Park Royal is located north of roughly the half-way point between Heathrow airport and central London. The industrial and business estate is home to more than 2000 businesses and 40,000 employees.

Since the early 1990s, the PRP has been responsible for driving inward investment and business growth. It states:

In recent years, PRP has overseen more than £100 million of public and private sector investment, contributing directly to new business creation and growth, creating and safeguarding employment and regenerating the area's property and transport infrastructure.

Park Royal Partnership is funded by the private sector through subscriptions from its business members, and by its public sector partners, for whom the PRP acts as a delivery agent for regional and local public policy. The company is run by an independent board of director,s drawn from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

The Park Royal Partnership Group is made up of three companies:

  • Park Royal Partnership
  • Park Royal Workforce
  • Brent Business Venture

which work together to coordinate a range of business services. These include business growth and start-up support, networking, training and recruitment, as well as transport and environmental improvements.

The mission of the PRP is:

To continue to regenerate Park Royal by bringing together private businesses and key public sector organisations committed to supporting economic growth in the region, thus securing its position and future as London’s largest and most important industrial location.


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