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Not to be confused with Park Street railway station.
Park Street Red Line platforms 1.JPG
Northbound (left) and center platforms for the Red Line
Station statistics
Address Tremont and Park Streets
Boston, MA 02108
Coordinates 42°21′23″N 71°3′45″W / 42.35639°N 71.06250°W / 42.35639; -71.06250 (Park Street MBTA Station)Coordinates: 42°21′23″N 71°3′45″W / 42.35639°N 71.06250°W / 42.35639; -71.06250 (Park Street MBTA Station)
  Green Line (all branches)
Connections (via Winter Street Concourse to Downtown Crossing)
Levels 2
Platforms 2 island platforms, 1 side platform (upper level, Green Line)
1 island platform, 2 side platforms (lower level, Red Line)
Tracks 4 (upper level - Green Line)
2 (lower level - Red Line)
Other information
Opened September 3, 1897 (upper level)
March 23, 1912 (lower level)
Accessible Handicapped/disabled access
Owned by MBTA
Passengers (2009) 19,653 (weekday average boardings)[1]
Preceding station   MBTA.svg MBTA   Following station
Green Line
toward Riverside
Green Line
Green Line
toward Heath Street
Green Line
toward Lechmere
toward Alewife
Red Line
toward Ashmont or Braintree
  Connecting lines  
toward Forest Hills
Orange Line
Transfer at: Downtown Crossing
toward Oak Grove
Silver Line
Transfer at: Downtown Crossing
One-way operation
Park Street (MBTA station) is located in Boston
Park Street (MBTA station)

Park Street is a subway station on the MBTA subway system, located at the intersection of Park Street and Tremont Street under Boston Common in downtown Boston. One of the four subway hub stations, Park Street is a transfer point between the Green and Red Lines. Park Street is the fourth-busiest station in the MBTA network, with an average of 19,836 entries each weekday in 2010.[1] Throughout the Green and Red Lines, trains labeled "inbound" are headed towards this station, Downtown Crossing, or Government Center, while those labeled "outbound" are headed away.


Original plan of station, showing what are now the Green Line platforms; the outer loop has since been partially removed

The Green Line platforms on the upper level of Park Street Station were originally constructed in 1897, making it one of the two oldest subway stations in the United States, along with nearby Boylston station. The Red Line platforms beneath, sometimes called "Park Street Under," were constructed in 1912.

Unlike Boylston, Park Street station has undergone significant reconstruction over the years. Stairwells were added to the original platform level to connect to lower level platforms for the Red Line, and later elevators were added for handicapped access. An extra side platform was added next to the outer inbound (northbound) Green Line track to increase capacity.

At some point in time, the outer turnaround loop at the Green Line level was partially removed, for unknown reasons. There have been proposals to reconnect this loop, to allow trains on the outer inbound track to be turned around at Park Street, but this has not been done because of the cost of structural reinforcements that would now be required. The inner inbound track has always been looped back to the inner outbound platform.

Station layout[edit]

Park Street is a bi-level station, with the Green Line running on the upper level and the Red Line on the lower level. It is the only MBTA subway station with six tracks: tracks 1 to 4 are used by Green Line trains, while tracks 5 and 6 are served by the Red Line. The upper level has two island platforms, while the lower level employs a Spanish solution-type setup with one island platform and two side platforms.

Ground Street Level Exit/Entrance
Green Line
Mezzanine and Winter Street Concourse to Orange Line and Silver Line platforms
Westbound Green Line toward Cleveland Circle or Riverside (Boylston)
Island platform, doors will open on the left, right
Westbound Green Line toward Boston College or Heath Street (Boylston)
Eastbound Green Line short turn →
Island platform, doors will open on the left, right
Eastbound Green Line toward Government Center, North Station, or Lechmere (Government Center)
Side platform, doors will open on the right
Red Line
Side platform
Northbound Red Line toward Alewife (Charles/MGH)
Island platform
Southbound Red Line toward Ashmont or Braintree (Downtown Crossing)
Side platform
New elevator opened in December 2012


Park Street station is partially wheelchair accessible, after renovations completed in 2004 and 2012. The Red Line on the lower level has both island and side platforms, a setup that theoretically allows implementation of the "Spanish solution" system of managing heavy passenger traffic flows. However, narrow stairways serving the center island platform impair full implementation of this system, since many impatient riders prefer to sprint up the wider side platform stairway to catch a Green Line transfer. Only the island platform of the Red Line level has elevator access.

New elevators from the surface to the westbound Green Line unpaid lobby and from the westbound Green Line platform to the Red Line island platform opened on December 21, 2012.[2]

The elevators are as follows:

  • Boston Common (in a standalone kiosk, south of stairway kiosk to the westbound Green Line entrance) / Fare gate entrance to the Green Line westbound island platform
  • Green Line westbound island platform (pictured) / Red Line island platform
  • Red Line island platform / Confluence of the northern end of the Green Line northbound side platform and the Winter Street passageway to the Orange Line southbound
  • Middle of the Green Line westbound center platform / Passageway between the Green Line platforms
  • Middle of the Green Line northbound island platform / Passageway between the Green Line platforms

Bus connections[edit]

Although Park Street is not a major bus transfer point, it is served by two of the few MBTA Bus routes which run downtown. The 43 Ruggles Station - Park & Tremont Streets via Tremont Street route is a replacement for streetcar service that formerly ran to Park Street, while the 55 Jersey & Queensberry - Copley Square or Park & Tremont Street via Ipswich Street route provides local service to the Back Bay and Fenway-Kenmore areas.

Public art[edit]

Subway riders are often unaware of Benedictions by Ralph Helmick, two giant bronze hands mounted separately over the inbound and outbound Red Line tracks on the lower level of the station.[3] There is also a large wall mosaic along the outer outbound (westbound) tracks at the Green Line level, which can be viewed from the outbound island platform. The mosaic commemorates the designation of the Tremont Street Subway, including Park Street station, as a National Historic Landmark.


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