Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago

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Coordinates: 10°39′11″N 61°30′42″W / 10.65306°N 61.51167°W / 10.65306; -61.51167

Parliament of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Houses Senate
House of Representatives
Seats 31 Senators
41 Members of Parliament (MPs)
24 May 2010
Meeting place
POS Redhouse.JPG
The Red House
Coat of arms of Trinidad and Tobago.svg
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The Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago is the legislative branch of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. The Parliament is bicameral. It consists of the elected House of Representatives, which has 41 members elected for a five-year term in single-seat constituencies, and the Senate which has 31 members appointed by the President: 16 Government Senators appointed on the advice of the Prime Minister, 6 Opposition Senators appointed on the advice of the Leader of the Opposition and 9 Independent Senators appointed by the President to represent other sectors of civil society.

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