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The Parliamentary Christian Fellowship, also known as the Parliamentary prayer group, is a gathering of Christian politicians in the Australian parliament, who hold prayer sessions on Monday nights in Parliament House, Canberra.


The Parliamentary Christian Fellowship is mainly attended by socially conservative Members of Parliament.[1] Kevin Rudd is considered the mainstay of the group,[2] and is the only member of the Labor Party to regularly attend.[1] Rudd has formed a good relationship with conservative independent Bob Katter as a result of their mutual attendance at the group.[3]

"They're not confessional, as such," according to Bruce Baird, "but they are quite personal encounters that go to the implication of what it means to be a Christian with a heavy public burden."[4]

Members who have attended include:

The Fellowship hosts an annual Prayer Breakfast and associated seminars.[5]

The current Chairwoman of the Fellowship is Louise Markus MP, Federal Member for Macquarie [5]


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