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Party of the Hutu Emancipation Movement
Founded 1957
Dissolved 1973
Headquarters Kigali, Rwanda
Ideology Hutu nationalism,
Independentism of Ruanda-Urundi from Belgium
Politics of Rwanda
Political parties
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Parmehutu (French: Parti du Mouvement de l'Emancipation Hutu; English: "Party of the Hutu Emancipation Movement"), also known as MDR-Parmehutu (Mouvement démocratique republicain Parmehutu; French: "Parmehutu Democratic Republican Movement") is a now-defunct political party of Rwanda and Burundi.

It was founded by Grégoire Kayibanda in June 1957 (called the Hutu Social Movement until 25 September 1959) as a political party of moderate Hutu nationalists who fought for the emancipation of the oppressed Hutu majority. Kayibanda overthrew the Tutsi monarchy of Mwami Kigeri V in 1961 and appointed a government of Hutus.

After independence, in July 1962, Kayibanda became president of Rwanda. By 1965, it was the only legal party in the country.

In the coup of July 1973, Kayibanda was ousted by his cousin Juvénal Habyarimana, and the Parmehutu party was dissolved.

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