Venus in Furs (1969 Franco film)

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Venus in Furs
Poster under Italian title
Directed by Jesús Franco
Produced by Harry Alan Towers
Written by Milo G. Cuccia
Carlo Fadda
Jesús Franco
Bruno Leder
Malvin Wald
Starring James Darren
Music by Mike Hugg
Manfred Mann
Stu Phillips
Cinematography Angelo Lotti
Edited by Henry Batista
Michael Pozen
Distributed by American International Pictures
Release dates
  • 19 August 1969 (1969-08-19)
Running time 86 minutes
Country Italy
West Germany
Language English

Venus in Furs (Italian: Paroxismus - Può una morta rivivere per amore?, German: Schwarzer Engel) is a 1969 Italian supernatural erotic thriller film directed by Jesús Franco and starring James Darren.[1]

The film (also known as Paroxismus and Black Angel) bears only a superficial resemblance to the 1870 Venus in Furs novel by Leopold von Sacher Masoch. The title and character names in Franco's original script were changed to the novel's for commercial reasons. Franco's film is a surreal supernatural erotic thriller about unattainable love and how far one is willing to go for the person they desire. It is not a study in masochism as portrayed in the novel.[2]

James Darren plays a jazz musician who becomes obsessed to the point of madness with the mysterious fur-clad Wanda (Maria Rohm), only to find her dead body washed up on the beach.



The New York Times wrote a negative a review of Venus in Furs on its initial release, stating that the film "features much inept fancy moviemaking (including echoes of "La Dolce Vita" and even "Vertigo"), some semi-nudity, and virtually endless confusion".[3] Glenn Erickson was more positive.[4]

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