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Parragon Publishing, a United Kingdom publishing company, was formed in 1988 by two friends, Guy Parr and Paul Anderson.

Parragon began its early years by developing business through overstocks and reprinting dormant titles from key publishers archives such as Penguin Books and HarperCollins.

In 1992, Parragon shifted focus through a trial bargain book table placed in Asda's grocery store in Nuneaton. Following the trial's success, Parragon extended their bargain book strategy to other key retailers such as Tesco and Woolworths. As sales increased, these retailers employed Parragon to distribute titles from other major publishers. The distribution business continued until the mid to late 90's before Parragon decided to concentrate on their own publishing. The distribution business was offloaded to Cork International, who continued to service the grocers until 2004 before their demise.

In the late 1990s, Parragon's publishing business accelerated significantly, and the company opened new offices in New York and Cologne before DC Thomson took a controlling stake in 2001. Their acquisition of Funtastic gave them significant distribution into the Australian market before further sales offices were opened in India and China, bringing the Parragon brand global.

In 2005, The Bookseller announced that Parragon had signed a deal with Disney for distribution of books into the UK book trade, hiring new staff to oversee the Disney brand license.[1] Significant licensing activity, including Looney Tunes and Bratz followed. Parragon also expanded focus across the children's, adult reference, and cooking categories.

On 16 June 2011, Publisher's Weekly reported that Parragon had renewed an existing license with Discovery Kids, including titles in the eBook format, as well as a new series of activity and novelty books around Squinkie brand toys.[2]

On 4 July 2011, Parragon announced a new license for a range of books based on the Power Rangers Samurai brand. The deal was reported by Kidscreen Magazine.[3]


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