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Partex Group
Industry Conglomerate
Founded 1959[1]
Founder M.A Hashem [2]
Headquarters Dhaka, Bangladesh
Key people
M.A Hashem (Chairman)[3]
Products Food & Beverages, Steel, Real Estate, Furniture, Plastics, Paper, Power & Energy, Jute, Agribusiness, Shipyards, Shipping, Textile, Construction, IT,
Number of employees
Over 25000[4]

Partex Group is a one of the largest Bangladeshi industrial conglomerates. The industries under this conglomerate include foods and beverages, steel, real estate, furniture, agribusiness, plastics, etc.[5]

It started modestly in 1959, by pioneer industrialist M A Hashem with tobacco trading. Now it owns over 25 subsidiaries from tobacco to consumer goods, furniture, textile and the IT sector. It has split into two groups to improve management of its subsidiaries.

The One Group owns Star Particle Board Mills, Danish Condensed Milk, Danish Food Products, Danish Milk Bangladesh, Danish Distribution Network, Partex Furniture Industries, Corvee Maritime, Ferrotechnic Ltd, Rubel Steel Mills, Partex Ltd, Partex Builders, Partex Agro Ltd, Partex Housing, and Partex Laminates.

The other group, Partex Holdings, under Hashem, owns Amber Cotton Mills, Amber Pulp and Paper Mills, Partex Beverage, Partex Plastics, Partex Real Estate, Star Vegetable Oil Mills, Star Coconut Mills, Dhakacom Ltd (ISP), Fotoroma, Partex Spinning, Denim, and Partex Oil Tankers along with Deep Sea Fishing Services, and Hashem Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.

Small, medium and large family owned businesses dominate over Bangladesh's $100 billion ($288 billion in PPP GDP) economy, which has been growing at over 5 percent a year since 1995.

List of companies[edit]

  • Star Particle Board Mills Limited[6]
  • Partex Furniture
  • Partex Builders Limited
  • Partex Laminates Limited
  • Partex PVC Industries Limited
  • Partex Agro Limited
  • Rubel Steel Mills Limited
  • Corvee Maritime Co. Limited
  • Ferrotechnic Limited
  • Partex Limited
  • Partex Housing Limited
  • Danish Foods Limited
  • Danish Distribution Network Limited
  • Danish Milk Bangladesh Limited
  • Danish Dairy Farm Limited
  • Amber Pulp & Paper Mills Limited
  • Partex Paper Mills Limited
  • Partex Board Mills Limited
  • Partex Sugar Mills Limited
  • Amber Cotton Mills Limited (UNIT-1)
  • Amber Cotton Mills Limited (UNIT-2)
  • Partex Rotor Spinning Mills Limited
  • Partex Denim Limited
  • Partex Denim Mills Limited
  • Partex Energy Limited
  • Partex Holdings
  • Dhakacom Limited
  • Partex Properties Limited
  • Partex Beverage Limited
  • Partex Plastics Limited
  • Partex Foundry Limited
  • Partex Jute Limited
  • Partex Shipyards Limited
  • Partex Oil Tankers
  • Partex Deep Sea Fishing Services

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