Partido Navoteño

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Party of the People of Navotas
President Toby Tiangco
Chairman John Rey Tiangco
Secretary-General Clint Geronimo
Slogan Itaas ang antas ng Buhay Navoteno. (Increase the level of the Navoteno's Life.)
Founded 2004[1]
Headquarters Navotas City
Ideology Conservatism
Social Conservatism
Political position Center-right
National affiliation UNA
NPC (2004-2010)
Lakas-CMD (2004-2007)
International affiliation None
Colors Green
Seats in the House of Representatives
1 / 287

(caucuses with UNA)
Local councils
11 / 12
Politics of Philippines
Political parties

Partido Navoteño [2] is the ruling political party in Navotas, Philippines, founded by former mayor-now congressman Toby Tiangco in 2004. It is a local affiliate of the United Nationalist Alliance.

In the 2013 local elections, the party has 12 candidates for the city council. The party swept that election over the Liberal-NPC coalition.


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