Party Alliance Our Moldova

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Party Alliance Our Moldova
Partidul Alianţă Moldova Noastră
President Serafim Urechean
Founded 19 July 2003
Dissolved March 2011
Merged into Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova
Headquarters Chişinău
Ideology Social liberalism[1]
International affiliation Liberal International (observer)
European affiliation European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party
Colours Yellow
Politics of Moldova
Political parties

The Party Alliance Our Moldova (Romanian: Partidul Alianţă Moldova Noastră, AMN) was a social-liberal[2][3] political party in Moldova led by Serafim Urechean, former mayor of Chişinău. It merged into the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova in 2011.[4][5]


The Alliance was established as a party in 2003 as the merger of:

  • the Social Democratic Alliance of Moldova or the Braghiş Alliance, successor of the social-political Movement "Civic Alliance for Reforms" and the Party of Social Democracy "Furnica" (Ant), was a social-democratic party established in 1997 and adopted this name in 2001. It was led by Dumitru Braghiş and absorbed the Socio-political Movement "Plai Natal" in 2002.
  • the Liberal Party was a liberal party created as a merger of the Party of Rebirth and Reconciliation of Moldova (1995), National Peasant Christian Democratic Party (1993) and the Social Liberal Union "Force of Moldova", the latter was being a merger of the National Liberal Party (1993) and the Social-Political Movement "For Order and Justice" (2000). Among its leaders was former president Mircea Snegur. The last party leader was Veaceslav Untila.
  • the Democratic Peoples' Party of Moldova was a party established in 1997.

Moldovan parliamentary election, 2005[edit]

At the legislative elections, on 6 March 2005, the party was part of the Electoral Bloc Democratic Moldova which won 28.4% of the popular vote and 34 out of 101 seats. After the elections the bloc fell apart in three parliamentary groups of the constituent parties, so the Alliance formed a separate group with 23 deputies until the 2009 elections, when they won fewer seats.

Moldovan parliamentary election, 2009[edit]

At the April 2009 elections, the Our Moldova Alliance won 11 seats. With the other opposition parties, it participated in the successful blocking against the election of a presidential candidate from the Communist party, which led to new elections. At the July 2009 elections, the Our Moldova Alliance lost 4 seats, receiving a total of 7 seats. However, other opposition parties gained seats for a majority and the Communist party was defeated. In August 2009, the party became a political force within the Alliance For European Integration. The party lost all parliamentary representation in the 2010 parliamentary election.

Notable members[edit]

Votes won by AMN in the April 2009 elections by raion and municipality

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