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In the United Kingdom the party conference season is the period of three weeks in September and October of each year which contains the annual political party conferences. They have in the past taken place in seaside resorts such as Blackpool, Brighton and Bournemouth, largely because there was plenty of cheap accommodation available in such towns at the end of the summer holiday season, but increasingly they have also taken place in major cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.

The House of Commons goes into recess during the season. There is an unofficial agreement between the parties that they will stagger the timing of their conferences so that media attention is undivided, though smaller parties do not always abide by this rule firmly. In 2012 for example, there was an overlap between the Liberal Democrat and United Kingdom Independence Party annual conferences, with the latter concluding on the opening day of the former.

The dates of the 2014 conferences are as follows:

The dates of the 2012 conferences were as follows:

The dates of the 2013 conferences were as follows:


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