Party leaders of the Senate of Puerto Rico

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Majority Leader of the
Senate of Puerto Rico
PNP Leader
Larry Seilhamer

since August 28, 2011
Style Senator
Minority Leader of the
Senate of Puerto Rico
PPD Leader
José Luis Dalmau

since January 3, 2009
Style Senator
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The Senate of Puerto Rico Majority and Minority Leaders are Puerto Rican Senators who are elected by the party conferences that hold the majority and the minorities respectively. These leaders serve as the chief Senate spokespeople for their parties and manage and schedule the legislative and executive business of the Senate. By rule, the Presiding Officer gives the Majority Leader priority in obtaining recognition to speak on the floor of the Senate. The Majority Leader customarily serves as the chief representative of his or her party in Senate.

Current floor leaders[edit]

The Senate is currently composed of 20 senators from the New Progressive Party (PNP), and 8 senators from the Popular Democratic Party (PPD).

The incumbent floor leaders are PNP Majority Leader Larry Seilhamer of the District of Ponce and PPD Minority Leader José Luis Dalmau of the District of Humacao.

List of party leaders[edit]

The "Majority" column indicates which party was the majority in the Senate, while the opposing column indicates the minority. The PIP is usually a minority.

Senate Dates PNP Leader Majority PPD Leader PIP Leader
1st 1949–1953 PPD Maj → N/A
2nd 1953–1957 Gilberto Concepción de Gracia (At-large)
3rd 1957–1961 N/A
4th 1961–1965
5th 1965–1969
6th 1969–1973
7th 1973–1977 Rubén Berríos (At-large)
8th 1977–1981 Nicolás Nogueras (At-large) ← PNP Maj N/A
9th 1981–1985 PPD Maj →
10th 1985–1989 Roberto Rexach Benítez (At-large) Rubén Berríos (At-large)
11th 1989–1993 N/A
12th 1993–1997 ← PNP Maj Rubén Berríos (At-large)
13th 1997–2001 José Enrique Meléndez Antonio Fas Alzamora (At-large)
14th 2001–2005 Kenneth McClintock (At-large) PPD Maj → José Luis Dalmau (Humacao) Fernando Martín (At-large)
15th 2005 Jorge de Castro Font (At-large) ← PNP Maj José Luis Dalmau (Humacao)
2005–2009 Margarita Nolasco (Guayama) María de Lourdes Santiago (At-large)
16th 2009–2011 Roberto Arango (At-large) N/A
2011-2013 Larry Seilhamer (Ponce)
17th 2013–present Larry Seilhamer (At-large) PPD Maj → Aníbal José Torres (At-large) María de Lourdes Santiago (At-large)
Senate Dates PNP Leader Majority PPD Leader PIP Leader

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