Party of Independents (South Tyrol)

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The Party of Independents (German: Partei der Unabhängigen, PdU) was a regionalist liberal-conservative political party active in South Tyrol.

It was launched in 1972 in support of the candidacy of Hans Dietl, member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies for the South Tyrolean People's Party, who was expelled from that party in 1971 for having taken a hard line over an agreement between the provincial and the national government known as Pacchetto. In the 1972 general election Dietl won 20.8% of the vote in the single-seat constituency of Brixen, the major defection from SVP since then. After the election, Dietl launched the Social Democratic Party of South Tyrol, while the "Independents" formed a centre-right party.

PdU won 1.3% in the 1978 provincial election and 2.4% in 1983, electing Hans Lunger and Gerold Meraner respectively to the Provincial Council. Meraner later transformed the party into the Freedom Party of South Tyrol in 1988.[1][2][3]