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The Party of Renaissance and Virtue (French: Parti de la Renaissance et de la Vertu) is a political party in Morocco. It defines itself as moderate Islamist. However, Siham Ali of Magharebia describes it as an Islamist party.[1]

History and profile[edit]

This party is a splinter group from the Justice and Development Party (PJD), initially founded on 9 April 2004 by Mohamed Khalidi, a founding member of the PJD and former member of its political bureau, under the name Movement of Vigilance and Virtue, then formally organized as a political party on 25 December 2005.[2][3]

As of 2011 the secretary general of the party was Mohamed Khalidi.[4]

The party has an Islamist stance.[1] On 8 June 2013 salafist politicians joined the party.[1]

Coalition membership[edit]

Before the 2011 parliamentary elections it joined with 7 other Moroccan parties (National Rally of Independents, Authenticity and Modernity Party, Constitutional Union, Popular Movement, Socialist Party, Labour Party and Green Left Party) to form a "Coalition for democracy". Its purpose was "the formation of a great national coalition that will group the forces which adopted and triumphally support the society project for democracy and modernity".[5]

Political representation[edit]

In the parliamentary election, held on 7 September 2007, the party presented 59 candidates in 60% of the electoral districts, but won 1 out of 325 seats.[6] Its deputy for the legislature was former imam Abdelbarii Zemzami, a controversial figure who repeatedly emitted bizarre fatwas on the liceity of necrophilia or of masturbation and the use of sex toys by women.[7][8]

It is no longer represented in the new Assembly since the 2011 parliamentary election.


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