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The Party of the Right (POR) is the oldest political Party on the Right of the Yale Political Union. The Party of the Right was founded in 1953 by members of the Union who believed there needed to be a stronger, more intellectually rigorous voice of conservatism within the Union. The POR has been described by the Yale Herald as "at once flamboyant, intellectually elitist, aggressive, mischievously subversive, eccentric, and maniacally eager to challenge anyone and everyone."

The Party of the Right is distinguished from other parties in the Union for the intensity of its debates and the convictions of its members.<ref></ref> Whereas most parties' debates end after three hours, the Party of the Right typically debates for five or six. Members pride themselves on being willing to defend conservatism and more radical Rightist beliefs amidst a predominantly liberal and leftist campus. The dominant ideological discourse of the Party of the Right typically strikes a balance between libertarianism and traditionalism. Nevertheless, its membership represents a diverse range of political and philosophical beliefs: members often say of the Party, "We care not what you think, only that you think."

Notable members[edit]