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Parun is located in Afghanistan
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 35°25′0″N 70°55′01″E / 35.41667°N 70.91694°E / 35.41667; 70.91694Coordinates: 35°25′0″N 70°55′01″E / 35.41667°N 70.91694°E / 35.41667; 70.91694
Country  Afghanistan
Province Nuristan Province
District Parun District
Elevation 2,265 m (7,431 ft)
 • Total 1,000
Time zone Afghanistan Standard Time (UTC+4:30)

Pârûn (پارون), also called Prasûn and Prasungul, is a small town and administrative center of Nuristan Province and its Parun District in Afghanistan.


Parun has 6 villages: Ishtewi, Pronz, Dewa, Kushteki, Tsutsum and Pashki. They are located over a distance of 20 km from north to south along the Parun River. Ishtewi, the upper village, lies at an altitude of 2,850 m above sea level, while Pashki, the lowest village, lies at 2,500 m above sea level .

Plans for a city[edit]

According to news published in 2007, the governor of Nuristan Province was planning to establish a city of about 20,000 people in Parun. This would make it "the first city in Nuristan." The report indicated that some construction had begun.[1]


Wasi-wari is natively spoken in Parun, while Kamkata-viri, Pashto and Dari Persian are also widely understood.


  1. ^ Afghan Governor Has Big Plans for Lonely Province, Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson, National Public Radio, 13 November 2007, ... The 50-year-old governor says Parun — the first city in Nuristan — is only the beginning for a province where residents farm and raise goats to survive ...