Pasir Salak

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Pasir Salak is a historical place in Perak, Malaysia, where an important event in Malaysian history took place, the uprising fight against the colonial presence, when J.W.W. Birch the first British resident in Perak, was murdered by the local statesman Dato Maharaja Lela and Sepuntum. Today, Pasir Salak is also the name of the parliamentary constituency where the place is located.

Notable Places[edit]

  • J.W.W Birch Memorial
  • Pasir Salak Mosque
  • Kutai Traditional House (Rumah Kutai)
  • Makam Sepuntum
  • Dato Maharaja Lela Memorial
  • Birch's murder site
  • Jetty
  • Pasir Salak historical tunnel
  • Perak's Menteri Besar Gallery
  • Pasir Salak Resort