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The Paso de Jama is a mountain pass through the Andes between Chile and Argentina, at an elevation of about 4,300 m (14,100 ft) at the border.[1][2] It is the northernmost road border crossing between the two countries. The pass is reached via Chile Route 27 and via National Route 52 (Argentina). The Chile Route 27 reaches an altitude of 4,810 m (15,780 ft) 100 km west of the border.[1]

The pass links the city of Jujuy in Argentina with San Pedro de Atacama in Chile. The road was opened on 6 December 1991, and is paved throughout since the year of 2005. It is open throughout the year, although occasionally closed by snow. It is used by truck traffic between northern Argentina and Paraguay and the ports of northern Chile.

The Argentine border station is just below the pass in the small settlement of Jama. The Chilean border station is at San Pedro de Atacama, 160 km from the pass.


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Coordinates: 23°14′15″S 67°04′35″W / 23.23750°S 67.07639°W / -23.23750; -67.07639