Passeio Alegre

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Passeio Alegre square plate.
Póvoa Casino and Grande Hotel.

Passeio Alegre is a square in Póvoa de Varzim City Center in Portugal, and is listed by IGESPAR as an urban site with public relevance.

Passeio Alegre is a beach squared with esplanades and a stage for outdoor performances. Due to the area's popularity in the region, the square is served by two underground parking venues: The one under the extension of Mousinho de Albuquerque Avenue to the north and the one in front of the Casino, to the south. Passeio Alegre can be translated into English as "Glad Stroll".


Urban morphology[edit]

Grande Hotel da Póvoa is an early 1930s modernist building by architect Rogério de Azevedo.

Listed heritage[edit]

Coordinates: 41°22′45″N 8°46′03″W / 41.3793°N 8.7675°W / 41.3793; -8.7675