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Passport Records was a U.S.-based independent record label that existed between 1973 and 1988. It was notable for popularizing such artists as Larry Fast, FM and Wendy O. Williams. It was distributed by Jem Records in the United States and by GRT Records in Canada.[1]


Passport Records was founded in 1973 by Jem Records, which had been co-founded in 1970 by Martin L. Scott, Jeff Tenenbaum and Ed Grossi. Jem Records initially operated Passport Records in partnership with Sire Records. The partnership between Jem Records and Sire Records ended in 1977, when Sire Records owner Seymour Stein sold Sire Records to Warner Bros. Records.[2]

Larry Fast was the first artist signed to the label.[3] His records were primarily released under the name of Synergy. Other artists on the label included FM, Al Stewart,[4] Nektar, The Hunt, Gerry Rafferty, Link Wray, Tucky Buzzard, Three Dog Night, Human Sexual Response, Wendy O. Williams, Brand X, Mike Rutherford, Robbie Krieger, David Johansen, Bill Nelson and Camel.[3]

The label was the flagship label of Jem Reocrds, and grew to become the Passport Record Group, which included the labels Passport Jazz, Audion Reoords, Import Records, Important Records, PVC Records and Visa Records.[5]

As of 1984, Passport Records had three albums in the Billboard top album charts.[2] In 1987, Passport Records, then led by Martin L. Scott, broke away from Jem Records.[2]

The Passport Records Group was closed in 1988, and was subject to bankruptcy proceedings in 1989. Certain artists, such as Larry Fast, were able to obtain or retain rights to their recordings, following the bankruptcy proceedings.[5]


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