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Passport Software, Inc.
Industry Computer software
Founded 1983
Headquarters Northfield, Illinois
Key people
John Miller, President
Muriel Miller, VP Sales

Passport Software, Inc. is a privately held company located in Northfield, Illinois that manufactures and markets accounting software, manufacturing software, and business software to small to mid-sized companies under the brand name Passport Business Solutions.

Passport Software, Inc. released their latest version of software in February 2011.[1] Passport Business Solutions is available in Windows, UNIX and Linux versions.


Passport Software, Inc. was founded in 1983 by John Miller, Bob Wall, and Muriel Spencer. As a distributor of RealWorld Accounting Software in the 1980s, Passport developed specialized Unix accounting software.

Since 2000, Passport Software, Inc. has continued the enhancement and development of RealWorld software, now called Passport Business Solutions. The company maintains a partner channel of hundreds of partners who sell its products throughout North America and the Caribbean.


Part of Passport Software, Inc. comprises a manufacturing software division called PBS Manufacturing. The software originated in 1983 as SBS, a COBOL based system designed by Schuleter Business Systems, Inc. and later became SBS 2000 under the ownership of Superior Business Solutions, Inc. In 2005 Passport Software, Inc. acquired Superior Business Solutions, Inc. and SBS 2000.[2]

PBS Manufacturing is used in automation of manufacturing operations such as shop floor scheduling, material requirements planning, inventory control, and manpower planning.

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