Pastéis de bacalhau

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Pastéis de bacalhau

Bolinhos de bacalhau ([buˈlĩɲuʒ ðɨ βɐkɐˈʎaw], name in Northern Portugal and Brazil; literally "codfish cakes")[1][2] or pastéis de bacalhau ([pɐʃˈtɛjʒ ðɨ βɐkɐˈʎaw], name in Central and Southern Portugal, particularly in the Lisbon area, but also in PALOP; literally "codfish pastries")[3] are a typical dish made up of potatoes, bacalhau (codfish), eggs, parsley, and some other minor ingredients. The bolinhos or pastéis de bacalhau are deep fried and served before meals or as a meal itself (usually served with rice).

It is called accras de morue in French Antilles.


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