Pastore Fonnese

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Pastore Fonnese
Country of origin Sardinia
Dog (Canis lupus familiaris)

The Pastore Fonnese is an old Sardinian breed of livestock guardian dog. In 1912 it was used by the Italian Army during a campaign in Libya. The Pastore Fonnese has been officially recognized in 2013 by ENCI, the Italian Kennel club. The breed was founded with approximately 170 specimens gathered from rural Sardinia. The regional government of Sardinia had sponsored a research project that studied the genetics of the dog. It is an excellent guardian of property and livestock. The dog possesses a rough coat, which can be grey, black, brindle, brown or white. Height at the withers is about 55 to 60 cms for males, while females are a couple of centimeters shorter. One characteristic of the breed is the fiery expression of the eyes.


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