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Book one in the Pastwatch series

The Pastwatch series is a group of science fiction novels by Orson Scott Card, dealing with time travel and alternate history. To date only one book in the series has been published. However, according to Card a second and third book are planned.[1][2]

Confirmation of the second and third books[edit]

According to Card at his Hatrack River website:[1]

I have several projects under contract that will be written, as I find time—my sci-fi time-travel treatments of Noah's flood and the Garden of Eden, for instance.

He went on to say in a 1999 interview with CNN that those stories would be part of a "Pastwatch series".[2]

In 2010 Card stated in an interview that he would be writing a Pastwatch novel a year until the trilogy was completed.[3] As of 2015, this has not occurred and OSC is instead working on his last book of Pathfinder trilogy (Visitors), with next to be two last Ender series books (Shadows Alive and Fleet School).[4]

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