Pat Barrett

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Pat Barrett
Birth name Partick Barrett
Born (1941-09-04) 4 September 1941 (age 73)
Dublin, Ireland
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Pat Barrett
Mr. Wrestling
Paddy Barrett
Debut 1960
Retired 1985

Patrick "Pat" Barrett (born 4 September 1941) is a former Irish professional wrestler who is best known for his time with NWA and WWWF. He has wrestled in many areas which include Ireland, Pacific Islands, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and United States of America.


The Irish wrestler Pat Barrett started wrestling in 1960 as Paddy Barrett. He was a successful Irish wrestler. He started his early years wrestling in Ireland and in 1963, he joined National Wrestling Alliance where he had a successful career. During this time he also appeared as the voice of doctor octopus in the animated series spider man returns again.

National Wrestling Alliance (First run, 1963-1974)[edit]

In 1963, he sailed from Ireland to the United States where he joined the sanctioned body of promotions in the U.S., National Wrestling Alliance. He was an international wrestler. He first toured Canada where he created a successful tag team with Tim Geoghegan.

Barrett and Geoghegan defeated Art Nelson and Ivan Kameroff on 8 November 1965 to win the NWA Canadian Tag Team Championship. They lost their titles to John Tolos and Black Terror on 4 January 1966 but defeated them back for the titles on 28 February 1966.

Paddy Barrett and Don Leo Jonathan[edit]

Barrett and Geoghegan were not participating as a good tag team which had showed a good performance in NWA for the last three years. They both disbanded their tag team and competed on singles careers. Barrett created a tag team with Don Leo Jonathan. On 22 July 1968, they defeated Abdullah the Butcher and Armand Hussain to win the NWA Canadian Tag Team Championship.

Paddy Barrett became a 3-time Canadian Tag Team Champion and Don Leo Jonathan became an 18-time Canadian Tag Team Champion. Their tag team was also disbanded after a short time. Barrett continued a singles career again and feuded with Don Leo Jonathan and former tag team partner Tim Geoghegan for the next six years. He had notable and popular feuds with Don Leo Jonathan and Tim Geoghegan.

Australia (1974)[edit]

In 1974, he toured Australia where he created a gimmick of Mr. Wrestling and was sometimes known as Mr. Wrestling of Australia because Tim Woods also used this gimmick. On 5 April 1974, he won a tag team tournament with Tony Kontellis and won the Austra-Asian Tag Team Championship, a tag team title in Australia.

World Wide Wrestling Federation (1975)[edit]

In 1975, he joined World Wide Wrestling Federation under his real ring name Pat Barrett. He battled Bruno Sammartino on 15 May 1975 for the WWWF World Heavyweight Championship. The match was not so long. He almost defeated Sammartino for the World Heavyweight Championship but in the end, he lost by countout. He was a mid-card wrestler in the WWWF.

WWWF Tag Team Championship[edit]

In June 1975, Victor Rivera left WWWF while being the WWWF Tag Team Champion with Dominic De Nucci. De Nucci chose Pat Barrett as the replacement partner for Rivera and became the WWWF Tag Team Champion. De Nucci and Barrett lost their titles to The Blackjacks on 26 August 1975.

National Wrestling Alliance (Second run, 1975-1979)[edit]

He returned to NWA in 1975 and started his second stint with NWA.


On 15 August 1977, Pat Barrett and Norvell Austin defeated Jerry Brown and Buddy Roberts to win the NWA Mid-America Tag Team Championship. They lost the titles back to Jerry Brown and Buddy Roberts on 22 August. They decided to take the revenge of their losing.

They challenged Jerry Brown and Buddy Roberts for weeks. On 25 September, they defeated once again Jerry Brown and Buddy Roberts to win the NWA-Mid American Tag Team Championship for a second time.

NWA Hollywood Wrestling (1979)[edit]

In 1979, he joined the Los Angeles based NWA Hollywood Wrestling territory of NWA On 8 August 1979, Pat Barrett defeated Bull Ramos to win the NWA Americas Heavyweight Championship. As the NWA Americas Heavyweight Champion, he feuded with Bull Ramos, Walter Johnson, Chavo Guerrero, Johnny Mantell, Roddy Piper, Ron Starr and Pat Patterson and defended his title against these wrestlers in different reigns of United States. In November, he lost the title to Pat Patterson.

Pacific Islands (1979-1981)[edit]

World Junior Heavyweight Championship[edit]

In the late 1979, he left NWA Hollywood Wrestling and toured on the Pacific Islands region. On 2 January 1980, Pat Barrett challenged Lee Osbourne for the World Junior Heavyweight Championship but lost the match. On 9 January, he dfeeated Lee Osbourne to win the World Junior Heavyweight Championship.

Pacific Area Heavyweight Championship[edit]

On 15 April 1980, he defeated Kerry Garvin to win the Pacific Area Heavyweight Championship. He feuded with Kerry Garvin and Lee Osbourne and defended his title against several wrestlers on the Pacific Islands.

New Zealand (1981-1984)[edit]

In 1981, Pat Barrett toured New Zealand. He created a tag team with the popular New Zealand wrestling star Pat O'Connor who was the former NWA Champion and AWA Champion. Their team was disbanded afterwards. He formed a team with John Istaz and won the New Zealand Tag Team Championship and wrestled in New Zealand.

Northern Ireland (1984-1985)[edit]

In 1984, he returned to his hometown in Northern Ireland. He went on to win the Irish Heavyweight Championship and defended it against Irish wrestlers.


In 1985, Pat Barrett went out of retirement at the age of 44. He became a trainer and trained several young Irish wrestlers and many of them are successful today. After a good run as a trainer, Pat decided to turn his attention to things he had always aspired to do but had never had chance for because of his busy wrestling career. He took up competitive horseback riding, winning several low level equestrian competitions. He also started taking bassoon lessons, but soon gave those up after almost choking to death on one of its reeds. In recent years he has been raising horses on his ranch in eastern Montana.

Irish Whip Wrestling (2006)[edit]

On 27 August 2006, Pat Barrett made an appearance for the promotion Irish Whip Wrestling's show which was being held in Dublin, Ireland. This was his last ever wrestling appearance.

Championships and accomplishments[edit]

1This promotion shouldn't be confused with World Championship Wrestling, a promotion once owned by Ted Turner and later sold to World Wrestling Entertainment in 2001.

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