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For other people named Patrick Duffy, see Patrick Duffy (disambiguation).
Pat Duffy 2010 Skate for a cause

Pat Duffy is a professional skateboarder[1][2] from Corte Madera, California, United States (U.S.).[3] Born January 17, 1975, Duffy skates with a goofy stance[4] and has been sponsored by Plan B, Lost Clothing, Venture, Skatepark of Tampa Party Team, Paradox, Arnette, High Ball Energy and Vox.[5]

He is featured in the video games Skate,[6][7] Skate 2, and Skate 3.

Professional skateboarding[edit]

Duffy is known for his roles in the Plan B Skateboards videos Questionable (1992)[8][9] and "Virtual Reality" (1993), and earned recognition for his ability to skateboard handrails.[10] Alongside team members PJ Ladd, Ryan Sheckler, Torey Pudwill, Danny Way and Colin McKay, Duffy will appear in the Plan B video True, which is scheduled for release in late 2014.[11]

Credited with revolutionizing handrail tricks, Duffy is widely recognised as a legend in the skateboarding industry.[12][13]

A press release issued on July 14, 2014 by In California Inc., owner of the AirSpeed Footwear brand, announced that Duffy had joined the shoe company's team, along with Brian Sumner and Kristian Svitak. Duffy was formerly sponsored by the Vox skate footwear brand, with whom he released the "Patriot" signature shoe model in early June 2014.[14][15]


Duffy was featured on an episode of the MTV series Scarred.[citation needed]


Duffy's skateboarding has been featured in the following skate videos:[16]

  • Plan B - Questionable in 1992
  • Plan B - Virtual Reality in 1993
  • Plan B - Second Hand Smoke in 1994
  • XYZ - Meet Your Maker in 1995
  • Deluxe - Jim's Ramp Jam in 1996
  • Plan B - The Revolution in 1997
  • Consolidated - No Tomorrow in 1998
  • Think - Dedication in 1998
  • Digital - #1 in 1999
  • ON Video - Fall 2000 in 2000
  • Think - Free At Last Vol. 1 in 2002
  • Transworld - Are You Alright? in 2003
  • Transworld - Subtleties in 2004
  • Firsthand: Pat Duffy in 2006
  • Plan B - Live After Death in 2006
  • Minority Report in 2006
  • Thrasher - Keg Killer in 2006
  • Streets: LA in 2007
  • Plan B In Dominican Republic in 2008
  • Plan B - Superfuture in 2008
  • Plan B In Arizona in 2009
  • FKD - Park Project Finale in 2010
  • VOX - Skate 4 Change: Volume 1 in 2011


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