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Pat Smith (born on September 21, 1970) is a former collegiate wrestler at Oklahoma State University and a former assistant coach at OSU. During his collegiate wrestling career, he became the first four-time NCAA wrestling champion in the sports history, a feat only equalled two other times by Cael Sanderson and Kyle Dake. Smith resigned as Oklahoma State's assistant coach on May 1, 2006. His brother, Olympic champion John Smith, is the current head coach at OSU.


Since 2008, Pat Smith has been running and coaching the Arkansas Wrestling Academy and the youth club the Mighty Bluebirds in Little Rock, Arkansas. At the Arkansas Wrestling Academy, Smith teaches and coaches folkstyle technique 3 seasons of the year, and freestyle in the summer, as he is the head coach of the Arkansas Junior/Cadet National Team as well. Since living in Little Rock, Pat has already produced multiple state champions, national finalists, and All-Americans in the sport. Along with Coach Roosevelt at Arkansas Baptist College, he has changed the sport for the good. Smith has past AWA wrestlers at such schools as Ouachita Baptist University, Central Baptist College, Army at Westpoint, and King's College.

Before Smith came this wasn't the first major state program. Schools in the 1950s-1990s had wrestling. Wrestling teams at the Arkansas School for the Blind has had wrestling since 1948. They have held 21 state titles in the early days of the sport. They have also held 22 NCASB Wrestling Championships and 46 SCASB Wrestling Championship. This school has given us a Olympic Wrestling Champion Leonard Ogburn (who wrestled at Auburn University, USA Olympic Team and coached at the Virginia and Arkansas schools for the Blind.) This school has also coached High School National and State Champions, Billy Joe Huntsman, Curtis Foster (dad), Ray Foster (son) Eric Yardberry, Andre'a Johnson and many more names. So those who want to know the truth, Pat Smith saw something and strengthen it. I'm proud of him for what he has done. But saying that he was the back bone, I would disagree. Wrestling is the back bone of the school for the blind, and I think they are over looked.

Smith was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in June 2006.