Patan, Rajasthan

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Patan is located in Rajasthan
Location in Rajasthan, India
Coordinates: 27°48′18″N 75°58′48″E / 27.8051°N 75.9801°E / 27.8051; 75.9801Coordinates: 27°48′18″N 75°58′48″E / 27.8051°N 75.9801°E / 27.8051; 75.9801
Country  India
State Rajasthan
District Sikar
 • Official Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Nearest city Jaipur
Lok Sabha constituency Kotputli

Patan is a city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. In the 12th century, it became the centre of a minor state called Tanwarawati or Torawati (after Tanwar/Tomar the clan name) ruled by the Tomara clan the chief of which the Rao of Patan[1] is considered the direct in descent from Anang Pal Tomar the ruler of Delhi before Prithviraj Chauhan.

This city was a war place for many rulers of India. In the eighteenth century the great Maratha warrior Alijah Shrinath Mahdhojirao (alias Mahadji Shinde) won the battle against the Rajput armies of Jaipur. Today's Jaipur and Jodhpur were on one side and on the other side was the army of Shrinath Mahadji Shinde supported by De Boigne.

Battle of Patan[edit]

Battle of Patan[2][3] of 19 June 1790 between the Marathas with French troops and the Rajputs of Jaipur and Jodhpur. For details of the battle and the role of De Boigne see Jadunath Sarkar [1]

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