Patchwork Man

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Patchwork Man
Publication information
Created by Len Wein
Bernie Wrightson
In-story information
Notable aliases Gregori Arcane
Abilities Super strength and invulnerability.

Gregori Arcane, the Patchwork Man, is a fictional DC Comics horror character based upon Frankenstein's monster. He is the brother of Anton Arcane[1] and also the father of Abby Holland.


Patchwork Man was the second foe to fight Swamp Thing. He had been Gregori Arcane, the brother of Anton Arcane, another of Swamp Thing's foes, until he was killed after stepping on a land mine. His brother Anton repaired his mutilated body and reanimated it. The result was a monster, the Patchwork Man.

Gregori went insane and Anton locked him in with his second series of Un-Men. In Swamp Thing #3, Swamp Thing engages Patchwork Man in battle while endeavouring to rescue Abby. Due to his injuries and transformation into a monster, the Patchwork Man could only remember that Abby was his daughter and that he was to rescue her. He falls to his apparent death, and Swamp Thing and Abby go on to other adventures.

He is believed to have died in a severe storm, where his body fell apart, to be found by Abby.


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